Miss August 2012

This month’s Sexy Bad Ass vegan is from the land Down Under… she is a no nonsense Raw Food Coach that is a living example of what she teaches.  Make sure you check out Miss. August: Freelee!

Name: Freelee  (like Madonna) 😉

Where do you live and where are you from?   I live between Australia, QLD, Gold Coast and Thailand.

Age?   31

What do you do for a living/profession?   I’m an online raw food coach and Author. I wrote a book about succeeding on a raw vegan lifestyle

What do you like to do for fun?   Dance, play, run, eat lots of sweet fruit, hang out with my boyfriend.

How long have you been vegan?   Just over 5 years

Why did you become vegan?   To improve my digestion, skin and energy and lose weight but later after watching Earthlings I connected the ethical dots and would NEVER go back!
How was your transition?   Easy because I started to feel and look really good for the first time in years!
What is the funniest misconception(s) that you have heard about vegans?   That you don’t get enough protein on a vegan diet. I have more muscle than most meat-eating females I know and I hardly do any strength work and eat mostly fruit.
What is your Favorite thing(s) about being a vegan?  I’m actually a raw vegan which means I eat 97% of my calories from raw fruit, 3% from greens, nuts and seeds. I love being raw vegan because it tastes amazing! I can eat guilt-free, knowing I haven’t taken the life of another for my meal. I have also lost 40lbs since going vegan and raw vegan.
What do you think makes a Sexy Bad Ass Vegan?  Because I’m willing to step up and say what needs to be said coupled with my own sexy angle that inspires others to be their best self. I am all about speaking up. Staying silent while those around me hurt themselves and others is not the loving thing to do.
What is your the best vegan dish that you make in your kitchen?  
Ingredients: ❥ 1 apple, ❥ 3 bananas, ❥ about 12 dates. Take the dates, half a banana and a little grated apple, BLEND until thick and pasty (not runny). Don’t add water unless you absolutely have to then only add a tiny to get the blender moving. Put paste aside. * Cut a banana in half then cut in thin slices lengthways (for layers). * Cut/mandoline apple slices very thinly for layers. I just winged the layering process… Layer down slices of banana then a layer of apples followed by a layer of BAD paste (banana, apple, date). Repeat to desired height then eat before loved ones dive on it 😉 Optional add cinnamon to paste or sprinkle over top
What is the best Vegan Restaurant you have ever had the pleasure of eating at?  It’s actually a raw vegan restaurant in Thailand called Rasayana http://www.rasayanaretreat.com/raws/The food is SO vibrant and amazing.
What advice do you have for those that are thinking of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle?  For those wanting to go vegan and not 100% raw vegan, make certain you keep your *clean* carbohydrate intake high, that means plenty of fruit, rice, potatoes, gluten-free pasta with a low fat “Mcdgouall-style” sauce. It’s important to keep in mind that every cell in the human body runs on glucose so we need a constant steady supply for optimal health. Keeping fat intake low is also really important. Go to www.cronometer.com and aim to eat over 80% of your calories from carbohydrates, 10% or less from protein and 10% or less from fat for best health and energy.
Do you have a website to share with the BAV nation?  

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