Chapter 2: Healthy Is the New Gangster

 Researchers at Harvard: .

 Men who ate more animal protein:

 Fifty percent of all deaths can be linked to diseases: GBD 2017 Causes of Death Collaborators, “Global, Regional, and National Age-Sex-Specific Mortality for 282 Causes of Death in 195 Countries and Territories, 1980–2017: A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017,”  Lancet 392 (2018): 1736–1788.

 Researchers have also found:

 Men with prostate cancer:,proliferation%20of%20prostate%20cancer%20cells.

 One study found:

 High cortisol levels:

 A contributor to:

 Without good rest:

 On behalf of the American Society for Nutrition:

 Animal foods like meat, dairy, and eggs:

 Can lead to a higher risk:

 Reduce your blood pressure:

 JAMA Internal Medicine:

 Journal of the American Heart Association:

 Journal of the American Heart Association study:,with%20lower%20levels%20of%20adherence.

 Plants reduce the risk:

 Lower your LDL cholesterol:

 Progression of rheumatoid arthritis:

 Slow the growth of certain cancers:

 Plants can also increase:

 The key to a healthy gut:

 Reduces the risk of cognitive impairment:

 Reduces the risk of cognitive impairment:

 Can boost the happy hormone:

 Can boost the happy hormone:

 Help with weight control:

, Treat cellulite:

 Clear up acne:

 Slow the physical effects of aging:

 Underlying causes of impotence:

 Build muscle and strength:

 Better in vegans than they are in omnivores:

Chapter 3: Protect Your Home

 Industrial meat industry’s carbon emissions:

 Goals outlined by the Paris Agreement:

 Because of the feed that it needs to eat:

 Annual carbon emissions:

 Cause of deforestation:

 Between animals and humans:

 Three-quarters of new diseases:

 More likely to get sick:

 Leaving more for trees and animals:

Chapter 4: We Are All Animals

 To varying degrees, sentient: Today, most scientists agree that all vertebrate animals—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish—are, to varying degrees, sentient. A rich and varied collection of research has made the evidence impossible to dismiss.

 Ability to reflect on their experiences:

 Use tools:

 Wag their tails when happy:

 Are empathetic:

 Shared by dolphins and apes:

 Similar to the human genome:

 Calls from other females:

 Demonstrate empathy:

 Similar to the rest of the vertebrates:

 Emotions in mammals:

 Put into small buckets:

 Local anesthetic:

 Delivered gentle strokes:

 Confined to boxes or stalls:

 Overdose of growth drugs:

 Stressful and unhygienic:

 Final laying cycle:

 Without painkillers:

 Sent for slaughter:

 Number that is steadily increasing:,96%25%20from%202009%20to%202015.

 Harms environmental and human health:

 Over the past decade:

Chapter 5: They’re Trying to Kill Us

 Drug company:

Chapter 9: You Won’t Go Hungry: Legumes, Grains, Proteins, and Meal-Making Fats

 Lower your risk of heart disease:

 Lower risk of heart disease:

 Eating the fewest:

 Less belly fat:

 Improved insulin sensitivity:

 Reduce inflammation:

 Inflammation-related chronic conditions:

 Reduction in inflammatory markers:

 Skin conditions like eczema:

 Reduction in LDL cholesterol levels:

 Lower risk of breast cancer recurrence:

 Ease the symptoms of menopause:

Chapter 11: Daily Dosage: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins

 Sports scientists agree: Robert Cheeke and Matt Frazier, The Plant-Based Athlete: A Game-Changing Approach to Peak Performance. New York: HarperOne, 2021.

 Didn’t matter whether it was plant-or animal-based:

Chapter 15: CYA: Cover Your Assets (with Vitamins and Supplements)

 Less systemic inflammation:

 Lower rates of heart disease and cancer:

Chapter 16: Start F***ing: Intermittent Fasting

 In order to survive: Intermittent fasting in ancient hunter-gatherer societies. [AU: Please review highlight. Should this be a sentence?] Leo Pruimboom, Begoña Ruiz-Núñez, Charles L. Raison, and Frits A. J. Muskiet, “Influence of a 10-Day Mimic of Our Ancient Lifestyle on Anthropometrics and Parameters of Metabolism and Inflammation: The ‘Study of Origin.” BioMed Research International 2016 (2016): 6935123.

 In order to survive: Intermittent fasting in ancient hunter-gatherer societies. [AU: Please review highlight. Should this be a sentence?] Jake Jacobson, “Increase Your Healthspan by Mimicking Hunter Gathers’ Meal Frequency.” Journal of Evolution and Health 2, no. 1 (March 14, 2017).

 In order to survive: Intermittent fasting in ancient hunter-gatherer societies. [AU: Please review highlight. Should this be a sentence?]  Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, The Old Way: A Story of the First People, New York: Picador, 2007.