CrossFit vs. Traditional Bodybuilding (Video) by John Lewis

CrossFit and traditional bodybuilding operate on similar principles but are in reality very different. Find out about CrossFit versus traditional bodybuilding with help from a nationally certified fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Hello, everybody. This is John Lewis. Today, we’re going to go over a brief description between CrossFit and bodybuilding. You want to see the difference to see which plan will work out best for you. When comparing CrossFit to bodybuilding you want to take a look at some key major factors there. First let’s take a look at bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is going to require heavier weights and lower reps to build up size and strength. If you compare that to CrossFit, you’re looking more at timed fashion exercises and trying to get as many reps as you can within those exercises. When you are speaking about that, you are probably not going to use as much of a heavier weight as you would in bodybuilding.

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