Do the Math!

Who said eating healthy cost too much?
A Week worth of Raw Food:$63.38
1 night for two at Cheesecake factory on Avg $50 +TIP

6 Bunches of Broccoli
3 bags Spinach
4 lbs Mushrooms
6 heads Romaine Hearts
6 Red Onions
2 Pineapples
15 Lemons
5 lbs of Bananas
8 Mangoes
16 Oranges
3 lbs of Strawberries
3 lbs of Cherry Tomatoes
4 Bunches Scallions
1 lb olives
1 lb Sun Dried Tomatoes
6 oz Blueberries


I would have a salad for lunch and I will make a broccoli mushroom dish for dinner. I will dress the salad with lemon, pepper and whatever seasons I can come up with I will also add some tomatoes (Raw & Sun Dried) Olives and Scallions. For the broccoli I will toy around with some agave and lemon and or orange for a stir fry taste to the broccoli. Throughout the day I will have oranges, Mangoes, Blueberries, and Strawberries and Pineapples and do varieties of those and combos.

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  • WOW! Thanks for this post. I was always under the impression eating healthy would be expensive. I just stumbled upon your site earlier today and I must say this is an eye opener. I definitely would like to become a vegan, but I am not too sure where to start when it comes to meal plans and what not.

  • This is a great post! Eating out adds up. I will definitely refer this article to my friends when the topic of “eating healthy is expensive” comes up. As a vegan 2+ months, I have felt so much better athletically and mentally from all the nourishment that this diet/lifestyle consists of!

  • Um, wow, that’s about $275 a month. Sorry, but $275/month for rabbit foods is a lot of my hard earned cash. Do you know how many whole chickens or pounds of bacon or beef one can get with that type of money?!

  • How many calories is that? As a vegan, are your calorie intake requirements less than a carnivore?


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