Who is John "BAV" Lewis?

As a Nationally Certified Fitness Trainer, John Lewis has been in the health and fitness industry for over 8 yrs exercising his passion for nutrition and fitness. Throughout his college years, he was a basketball player.

In addition to the extensive knowledge in body sculpting and contouring, what makes John one of the top national fitness trainers is his creative ability to understand and live a “vegetarian/vegan lifestyle” while maintaining a physique that is commendable. In essence, he is able to cater to a diverse group of individuals and is a master-mind in creating and developing unique and healthy nutrition plans.

It is not surprising that given his unique abilities he has attracted clients from various industries including actors, models, and business professionals of all ages. John strives to educate his clients on living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and he takes great pride in transforming individuals physically, mentally and spiritually. After all, it is said, that 60% of one’s success is based on how one feels about themselves.

John has appeared in multiple fitness magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Mens Fitness, Fitness Rx, Exercise for Men, Planet Muscle, etc. as well as Maxim and Sports Illustrated. You can also see him featured in the P90X Television ads.

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1977, John grew up in St. Louis, MO. At a young age, he excelled in football and basketball. He continued his streak of athletic excellence throughout his high school and college years in Mc Cluer Senior High and Harris-Stowe State College respectively. Graduating with a Bachelors degree in marketing, he later went on to pursue his MBA from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, FL. John’s education in business coupled with his love for health and fitness gave him the ability to start his venture – Bad Ass Vegan – a health and nutrition company that strives to educate individuals on plant based nutrition. John’s love for his community brought forth the brainchild of BAD ASS VEGAN, a foundation whose mission is to prevent obesity through education, physical activity and plant based nutrition.

Outside of health and fitness, John interests include reading, writing, brainstorming business ideas & most of all helping others fulfill a healthy life.

“I believe in fitness in its entirety. The body is not the only thing that is important to great health, the individual has to be mentally prepared to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I myself was an overweight child (315 pounds as a freshman in high school) who had to learn the ways of healthy living and making the right choices in regards to eating right. I believe that anyone who is in the fitness industry must have a firm grasp on the real

ity that not all people develop the same and that it takes different tactics to tie into the underlying reason of why a person is out of shape, or why the want to stay in shape.”

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  • Nice! Except I’m confused about something. It says you excelled in sports at a young age and in high school and later college, but it also says something about being 315 pounds as a Freshman in high school?! Was that a quote/testimony from someone else? I was just a little confused about that part. Overall an informative post.

    • Yes I did not excel in sports until my senior year of high school… my freshman year was when I was 315. I shed that weight by the time I was a sophomore.


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