Heart Rate & Fitness Tests (Video) by John Lewis

Heart rate and fitness tests will help you constantly work towards your individual fitness goals. Find out about heart rate and fitness tests with help from a nationally certified fitness trainer in this free video clip.


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Hello, everybody. This is John Lewis. Right now we’re going to do a heart rate and fitness test. What we’re going to do is see how far along you are in your fitness goals and this way you’ll get to measure that. So depending where you are, either you can run outside or you can find yourself a treadmill, one of the first things you’re going to do within the fitness test is a mild run. Now it doesn’t matter if you run it, walk it or jog it, just as long as you get the mile run and make sure you time yourself along the way. One of the main reasons you want to test yourself in the mile run is later on as you are doing your fitness goals and routines, you get to measure it and see how much faster you get over a period of time. So while doing your fitness test, you will be doing crawl out push-ups. You want to measure how many you do within a minute’s time. You want to do single leg toe touches. You’re going to see how many you can do within a minute. You’re going to do burpees. Of course you’re going to check that out within a minute. You’re going to do four point squats, see how many you can do within a minute and you are going to finish it off with bench dips and you’re going to see how many you can do within a minute. After you finish all that, you record that and within three months you want to come back and do the same test again and see if you’ve improved in any of the areas.Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/video/1008269-heart-rate-fitness-tests/#ixzz2j2mqstdb

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