Miss June

Yes!!! It is the end of June and I present you with the beautiful talented guru of health! She has been meat free for over 24 years and her skin and glow show it.  Some of you may know her or follow her through social media.  But I want to take you even deeper and learn how and why she is Miss June!  Please take the time to read more about AFYA @afyaibomu 

afya green juiceName:
  AFYA Ibomu A.K.A Oprah Meatfree


Where do you live and where are you from? 

Born and raised in St.paul Minnesota, Bred in Brooklyn, Sweetened in the A

Age? Ageless

What do you do for a living/profession?  I’m a Holistic Nutritionist, Author and entrepreneur.

What do you like to do for fun?   Garden, creative cooking, watch movies, travel, go to festivals and spending time with my family.

How long have you been vegan?  I’ve been a Vegetarian 24 years, vegan 18

Why did you become vegan?  Growing up I was really sick with asthma, allergies and irritable bowl syndrome. I was tired of taking lots of medications daily so I was looking for something else to heal me. I found an allergy specialist that said it might be the food I’m eating causing my health issues and that was the first time I related food and health. KRS ONE also had a song out called Beef and that helped me to become a vegetarian. I was inspired by Queen Afua to take my health to another level and after being a vegetarian for 6 years my body needed more healing and removing dairy and a lot of processed junk food just worked for me.




tumblr_mtyxxbJN0L1ri4gmeo1_500How was your transition?
  I became a vegetarian so long ago that vegan or plant based lifestyles were not as popular as it is now and we didn’t have the Internet to help get quick recipes or health information. My family was supportive because I was really sick. But At first I gained 15 lbs and ate a lot of junk food but moving to Brooklyn Ny helped a great deal because there is a large community of vegans there.

What is the funniest misconception(s) that you have heard about vegans?  We will all throw paint on you if you wear fur


What is your Favorite thing(s) about being a vegan?  It keeps me looking young. That’s not why I started but over the years I’ve seen how eating foods rich I’m antioxidants (plant foods) help to not only keep you young but prevent many sickness.

What do you think makes a Sexy Bad Ass Vegan?   I’m aware that being healthy is much more than the foods that I eat. Holistic health encompasses how happy you are, your relationships, working out, relieving stress and more. I also don’t judge those or talk down to those who do not choose this lifestyle.

What is the best vegan dish that you make in your kitchen?  

One of favorites is coconut collard greens which comes from my book The Vegan Soul Food Guide to the Galaxy



What is the best Vegan Restaurant you have ever had the pleasure of eating at?  I’m such a foodie so it’s difficult to pick just one so here are some of my favorites:

Bulan Thai vegan on Melrose in LA
Desta Ethiopian in Atlanta they not fully vegan but have an awesome veggie combo
Bodhi Vegan Restaurant in Sydney Australia. They serve Yum Cha which is a whole bunch of small bites of food that they just keep bringing out to your table until you pop!


What advice do you have for those that are thinking of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle?  

I have a 7 step program in my book but one thing I’d say is read and research. Make sure you are focused on balanced meals and nutrition.

Do you have a website to share with the BAV nation?

I’m working on a new cookbook that will be released fall 2014 focusing on vegan allergy friendly dishes and my website is Nattral.com


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