Mr. June


Say hello to Mr June.  Some of you may not have seen him as of yet, but believe me he is on his way to the top.  And while it is easy to see that our Mr. June does workout… don’t confuse him with just being your regular run of the mill “jock”. His is also a Mechanical Engineer out in California.  Make sure to check out his story and learn more about this Hardcore Herbivore… Nima! 


Name:  Nimai Delgado A.K.A. The Hardcore Herbivore


Where do you live and where are you from?  I was born and raised in good ole Mississippi/Louisiana and I moved to Central California 2 years ago after I graduated college from LSU. GEAUX TIGERS!

 Age?  25

What do you do for a living/profession?   I am a Mechanical Engineer for a company out in California. If I told you what I did in technical terms then I would probably bore you to sleep! Simply put, I make sure that pipelines, tanks, and vessels don’t blow up! Usually I will just tell people I am a male stripper for bachelorette parties and the conversation is always more interesting! I am pretty good at keeping a straight face so I always love seeing people’s reactions! Haha.

What do you like to do for fun?   I love to travel! Luckily, I live in a part of California where I am 2 hours away from the beach, national parks, and mountains where I can snowboard. I take the roof of my jeep and take a lot of road trips with friends. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love all action sports from skating, wakeboarding, hiking, snowboarding, and rock climbing. I also love unconventional sports like ping pong, bowling, racquet ball, and mini golf! I am challenging you to a game in one of these next time I see you John!

.How long have you been vegan?   Well I have been a vegetarian since birth. Both of my amazing parents are converted Hindus, and I was raised with a strong sense of compassion. Growing up, my diet has always been about 95% vegan, with the exception of dairy products. It wasn’t until January of 2015 that I decided to cut it all out and go vegan! I am loving every second of it and haven’t looked back since!

Why did you become vegan?    As I mentioned before, I have always been vegetarian because of religious beliefs. I decided to go vegan because I am a huge believer in investing in my health. This life is beautiful and we are only blessed with one. I want to enjoy it with my family and friends as long as I can. One of the first things that doctors tell you whenever you are sick or suffer from some type of disease is to structure your diet around eating more raw and unprocessed foods. The health benefits from eating natural, unprocessed foods are countless! It is funny because a lot of people already know this, but they either choose to keep eating whatever they want or they just don’t know how to change to a vegan lifestyle. I decided that I wanted to not only live the vegan lifestyle, but I also wanted to help spread awareness on how to become the best version of yourself while living this lifestyle.



How was your transition?   My transition to a vegan lifestyle from a vegetarian lifestyle was actually pretty easy. Honestly, I think the reason why It took me so long to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan was because of my love for pizza. After I realized that restaurants had the options for vegan pizzas, I was able to sleep a little easier at night! There are so many options for vegans nowadays that is not difficult to find vegan friendly items anywhere you go!

What is the funniest misconception(s) that you have heard about vegans?   Haha! Growing up in South Mississippi and Louisiana, I have definitely heard all the stereotypical comments and misconceptions about not eating meat or animal products. I think that my all time favorite thing that I’ve heard someone say was that they thought all vegans were similar to an Ace Ventura renegade who just went around and saved animals from captivity and released them back into the wild. They did not want to invite me to their house for the longest time because they owned a lot of pets and thought I would set them all free. Haha.


What is your Favorite thing(s) about being a vegan?   Man, this is a tough one! What is not to love about being vegan?! My health and physical condition is the best its ever been. I am taking a stand against the violence, suffering, and death of innocent living beings. I am helping people understand, realize, and learn that it is possible to push your body to its physical peak and compete against elite athletes while living a vegan lifestyle! I love seeing the reaction from people once I tell them that I am a vegan. They always say one of two things: “How do you get so big being a vegan” and “But where do you get your protein?”

What do you think makes a Sexy Bad Ass Vegan?   Let’s face it. Confidence is sexy. There is nothing sexier and more magnetizing than someone who stands up for what they believe is right, knows exactly they want, and what they are willing to sacrifice to get it. It takes a bad ass individual to show resilience, compassion, and dedication, qualities in which I believe all vegans have. I guess that makes all vegans Sexy Bad Asses!

What is the best vegan dish that you make in your kitchen?   

Oh man, another tough question! My favorite vegan dish would have to be fresh avocado toast! I typically use the following ingredients:

  • 1 whole haas avocado
  • 2 slices of toasted ezekial bread
  • 2 slices of tomato
  • A dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Oregano

I usually have this for breakfast because it contains a good amount of fats and carbs which I need to give me energy for my day!

 What is the best Vegan Restaurant you have ever had the pleasure of eating at?  The best vegan restaurant I’ve ever eaten at is called The Secret Spot in Huntington Beach, CA. It is located in a small shopping mall. The inside is tiny and only has like 4 tables. The burritos, wraps, and juices are the best I’ve ever had. They are always made fresh and I guarantee you that you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering another once you’ve finished your first one. I will go out of my way to make a pit stop at the Secret Spot every time I am within a 30 mile radius of the place!

What advice do you have for those that are thinking of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle?  I think that the best way to transition into veganism is to take it slowly. Food, just like anything else that brings pleasure, is an addiction. It can be very difficult to refrain from eating foods that you absolutely love. I suggest that you take it one step at a time and plan it out. First, give up red meat. Then, give up chicken and fish. Then, once you are vegetarian for a bit give up the dairy and egg products. If you try to give up everything at once, you are more than likely to accept defeat. I have found that giving up a little at a time is the best way to go!

Do you have a website to share with the BAV nation?   I do not have a website yet, but it is under development! Until then, you can find me on instagram at @nimai_delgado! I post motivational photos, vegan foods, and workouts. I also use my instagram as a platform for my online coaching programs. I compete in the NPC Physique and I am certified by the ISSA in Fitness Nutrition and coach all athletes including vegans, vegetarians, and non vegan/vegetarians. I always try to respond to all of the questions that people ask through comments or direct messages, so I encourage you to not be afraid to ask me questions about the lifestyle!






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