NASA gets under my skin…

Well ok they don’t really get under my skin but with this latest technology of theirs… they will be getting under someones skin really soon.  In fact it will be their Astronauts.  NASA has developed a nanotube capsule inserted under the skin that automatically diagnoses and treats illness.  NASA has invented the tiny under-the-skin capsule made of carbon nanotubes that automatically diagnoses a problem and releases a substance to combat it.  The Biocapsule has been designed for use by astronauts – as it’s quite tricky finding a doctor in outer-space. The capsule is inserted by a small incision in the arm or buttocks for example.

This is nothing short of a breakthrough!  For starters, the fact that they are fully automatic is remarkable. They can be filled with cells that detect problems such as increases in radiation and respond accordingly.  They are very versatile, so can be engineered to deal with a range of medical issues such as cancer or diabetes.  Sufferers of the latter, for example, would never need to remember to inject themselves with insulin, as the capsules work whether you’re awake or asleep. They are also very cheap to make, impossible for bodily fluids to damage and inert – so they are very unlikely to produce allergic reactions. It would be possible to carry several capsules at once to deal with a variety dangers.  It has been estimated that this technology will be available to the public within 10-15 years.

Now this is awesome, sort of… one one hand it will be able to treat so many ailments within the body and release the right medicine to the body to combat/cure it before the victim/human even knows they have it.  Now while this is perfect for an astronaut that is in space I am not sure if this is the best thing for Humans that are still Earth dwellers.

I actually think it may cause a problem as well. If people know that they are automatically going to get fixed no matter what they do, people will just eat like shit (which they already do) and a host of other careless actions that they normally would not do. I love the idea, but the more I think it just give us more reason to say fuck safety I have a chip in my ass. This technology might also weaken our immune system over time since we might depend less and less on our body’s defense mechanisms

So what do you think about this New technology, do you think it is a blessing or a curse?  ( or maybe a little bit of both)

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