SOLD OUT What I’m Made Of ( Women’s)


Hit the Streets, Gym or the Beach in Style!!!

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The newest addition to the Bad Ass Vegan line of apparel has arrived.

Now you can represent that you are a “BAD ASS VEGAN” by wearing your limited edition “What I’m made of” shirt.

Notice the BAV stamp of authenticity on the left sleeve, all authentic Bad Ass Vegan clothing will ALWAYS have this stamp assuring that you have purchased The ORIGINAL BAD ASS VEGAN product

Why preorder? Because you as the consumer saves money. because i don’t have to worry about overstock..

Why limited edition ( amount): because some people still like originality and like to know that everyone isn’t wearing the same thing… only a few ( think of the scenario where two people show up to an event with the same dress on).

Please allow 4-6 Weeks processing and shipping.


NOTE: Additional $3 Charge for sizes 2XL and above

Bad Ass Vegan LLC is a Registered Trademark and owns the copyright to the ORIGINAL logo, artwork and design of this product. Any copy, imitation or duplication will be direct copyright infringement which can and will be punishable by law.




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