Purple Power

Wait did you just say JAPANESE PURPLE SWEET POTATO??!?!? Yup I sure did. my brotha from anotha @ThaVeganDread introduced me to these magical dirt dwellers and I am so glad he did. They have become a staple in my daily nutrition. But what makes them so special you may ask? Well that is what this post is all about! The Japanese sweet potato are red- or purple-skinned, yellow-white fleshed potatoes that are a good source of dietary fiber and provide a number of essential vitamins and minerals.

*It is is believed that the purplish color of the potato gives it the same cancer fighting properties of such foods like blueberries and grapes. So love that bluish Hue LOL… (inside joke, youtube Will Ferrel “bluish Hue”)

*They contain no fat, saturated fat or cholesterol. Yeah you read that right…

*For those that are trying to watch your carbs, this is a great option for you as well. Japanese sweet potatoes contain approximately 4 grams of dietary fiber, The 5 grams of sugars in Japanese sweet potatoes are predominantly sucrose and glucose, with a small amount of fructose. And no do not confuse this fructose with HIGH FRUCTOSE SYRUP!!! Two totally different things. And FUCK YES your body can tell the difference between good sugar and bad sugar

*trace amounts of all essential amino acids are present, the potatoes contain the compounds threonine, leucine, phenylalanine, valine, alanine and serine in the largest amounts.

* essential for optimum health, including vitamins A, C, E and B-6. These vitamins are thought to act as powerful antioxidants, preventing cellular damage from free radicals in the body.

*Potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron and magnesium are all minerals that Japanese sweet potatoes contain in large amounts.

*So why would you need to take multivitamins again if you are eating such nutrient rich foods like this?

*Remember that you can eat as much Japanese Purple Sweet Potatoes as you want but if you still eat junk with it, it blocks the great benefits you would receive.

*Eat Clean… Train Dirty

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