Quick Trim Gimmick

Quick Trim is the best product out on the market.  Well this is only true because it is one of the top sellers out right now… but why is that?  Is it because it works so well? Is it because the effects are long lasting? Is it because there are scientific facts to back up its claims?

Well the answer to those questions is NO!  One of the major reasons that it sells so well is that it is endorsed by Kim and Khloe Kardashian.  Actually no one even knows if the two have even taken the product.

The product has made $45 million in revenue since the Kardashian sisters started working with them three years ago. 

But in today’s society, that doesn’t matter.  Too many are looking for the quick fix.  And the good folks at Quick Trim and the Kardashians are more than happy to sell them that dream.

But that dream may be put on hold, or maybe even stopped all together.  Why you may ask… The New York Post reported that  there might be a class action lawsuit against the Kardashians and their diet product, QuickTrim, which has made $45 million in revenue since the Kardashian sisters started working with them three years ago.

“The active ingredient in QuickTrim weight loss products is a large dose of caffeine . . .

The FDA has determined that caffeine is not safe or effective for weight loss,

the law firm Bursor & Fisher says about the suit. Hmm, so the product makes you so hyped up that you don’t even notice that you are not losing weight.

So basically, not only is the “Active” ingredient in the product not “Active”… it isn’t safe either! That is all types of Awesome.  Now the really interesting thing about this situation is that I am sure the product will still sell until it is taken off of the shelves completely .

Now that people know the truth about this product I hope that they actually take a good hard look at the pills and potions that they are taking.  Are there good legit products out there on the market… YES!!! But this is not one of them and there are tons of others out there as well that are just pocketing peoples hard earned money only to give them an ROI on the negative side.  If you are taking products like this- STOP… and if you know someone that is taking them, please let them know the dangers of these sort of products.

Nothing will ever substitute for hard work, determination and great nutrition.


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