Man this is so funny but so true… And if it’s not funny to you… You are probably that person, lol. There is really nothing worse than taking the time to answer someone’s questions and explain health and fitness to someone only to see them a month later and they are in worse shape. It’s more of a slap in the face than anything. That person giving you advice took the time out of their day to talk to you because they care… And when you totally disregard their advice it is like saying that you not only care about their efforts to help you but you don’t care about yourself! While of course this is a joke, let’s be honest with ourselves and do better. Considering that I answer every email and every comment on IG I totally can say with the same exact face as this puppy… “REALLY, you are just going to ask me for advice today and a month later post pics of fried chicken, ribs, double whoppers, fries and all that other shit you know isn’t good for you?” And then have the nerve to say… “But no one will help me!” Start being real and post all the medication you are taking along with all that bullshit you are eating!!! And even if it is not a prescribed medicine… It is still medicine that you wouldn’t need if you are right. Oh yeah I look at all of my followers pages so if this is hitting home… GREAT! Lol LET’S DO BETTER AS A COMMUNITY!

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