Vuck Falentines

With Valentines Day upon us, some of us will be digging deep into our non existant savings to make someone happy.  While I am all about love, I still question what the true meaning of love is… and if anyone really knows what is is anymore.  Sure a gift can make your loved one smile and feel all warm inside, but where is the line between “True Love” and “Paying for Love”?


Americans are estimated to spend $17.6 billion this Valentine’s Day.

A survey by the National Retail Federation predicts the average person plans to spend about $126, up nearly nine percent from last year.  Men are predicted to spend more than women, shelling out close to $169 compared to their female counterpart’s $86. Jewelry purchases are expected to reach roughly $4 billion, up from $3.5 billion last year.   The second most popular gift – a special evening out – could rake in about $3.5 billion from consumers. Billions more will be spent on flowers, candy, clothing and gift cards.

So with all of that money that will be spent… where is the love? And how can we be a country in debt if we are willing to spend that much money as a country on items that are not “NEEDS” but nothing more than “WANTS”.

I don’t think the Beetles were wrong when they said “Can’t Buy Me Love”, I just don’t think think too many people were listening.  I have personally seen relation end or go through turmoil because the wrong gift was given or even worse… no gift was given at all *OH SNAP!

So what is your take on this interesting bit of information?  Do you think that that outstanding number of 17 Billions is nothing to worry about or do you think it is a wake up call to our nation about how we are effortlessly contributing to our country’s deficit?

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