What are you passing on?

Funny post but so true…
habits including eating, work, study, attitude and many other habits are passed through the sperms DNA… So what are you passing on to your children?

Did you know that studies have now discovered that the health of sperm can be associated to health nutrition?

Sperm count is actually predetermined by how many germ cells – which become sperm cells – migrate into a man’s testes before he is born.

What a man eats or drinks can influence how well a sperm performs as well as the chance of any fertilised egg growing successfully in the mother’s womb.

DNA damage in sperm
How well a sperm swims is known as motility. In a fertile man, at least 25% of sperm cells should be ‘rapidly progressive’ – moving fast enough and in the right direction to reach the egg.

Poor motility is a sign of sperm DNA damage, or fragmentation, caused by highly reactive substances called free radicals.

Some DNA fragmentation is fairly common but at higher rates it begins to affect fertility.

“If more than 20% of the sperm have got evidence of DNA damage, then that couple’s chances of getting pregnant is significantly reduced and the risk of miscarriage is three to four times higher,” GENETIC problems can also be passed on to children.

Over half of men have at least one form of nutritional deficiency that impacts on sperm function and fertility potential.

Think of this…… Its funny people in developed nations (USA) struggle to have one baby and all the financial issues.. while third world countries a simple farmer can have a dozen. with less finances..
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